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CBN Milling

CBN Milling

PCBN inserts

Insert code:
Material: CBN (Cubic born Nitride)
Grade: as cutting material
Usage: Turning, Milling


CBN resists chemical reaction with iron and is therefore specified for use with ferrous materials.

Benefits of PCBN inserts
- much longer tool lifetime.
- High material removal rates decrease operation cycle times, providing more parts per shift.
- Cutting speeds two to three times those of conventional tools.
- Longer tool life resulting in excellent dimensional control and consistent surface finishes.
- Increased machine tool uptime as a result of longer tool life provides greater production capacity without investment in new equipment.
- Provide significant productivity and cost savings in manufacturing operations.

PCBN inserts   please clike here to see the specifications.
VNGA 160408 VCGW 160412 DNGA 11T304 DCGW 11T308
CNGA 120404 CCGW 120408 TNGA 160408 TCGW 160404
SNGA 120408 SCGW 120404 WNGA 06T308 WCGW 080404
Coated CBN inserts
DCGW 11T304 CCGW 09T308 TCGW 110304 DNGA 11T304
PCBN Milling inserts
LNGX 130516

Some featured PCBN inserts

Coated Solid CBN and Coated CBN inserts

full face PCBN insert, RCGX 090700

CBN Milling insert, LNGX 130516

CV Joint Milling, CBN

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