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About us
- We are willing to be your trustful supplier for PCD and PCBN tools. -

We are Zhengzhou Helsse Superhard Tools Co., Ltd. in CHINA, a professional supplier of PCD and PCBN tools in CHINA.

We supply Solid CBN inserts, perfect choice for machining Cast iron and Steel materials; PCD inserts, recommended for nonferrous and nonmetallic materials; PCBN inserts, specified for ferrous materials; Diamond Dressing, including Single Point Diamond Pen, Multi Point Diamond Pen, Profile (Shaped) Diamone dressers, etc. CBN & Diamond Honing Stones, used widely in processing of Black metal, High-speed steel (HSS), Stainless steel, Chrome and Limonite, and so on; PCD die blanks (Polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die blanks), used for wire drawing dies; PCD saw blades, the best choice for cutting Laminate floor, Plywood, PCB Circuit board, Acrylic board; Aluminum-alloy and Non-ferrous metals, etc. TSP / TSP mesh (Thermal Stable Polycrystalline D